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  • Window installation and replacement

  • Entry door installation and replacement

  • French door installation and replacement

  • Sliding door installation and replacement

  • Change/convert a window into a door

  • Change/convert a door into a window

  • Create a brand new opening for a window and/or door

  • Changing the shape of the window or door (enclose or enlarge)

  • Design a new window and/or door configuration

  • Interior door installation and replacement

  • Fine carpentry; baseboard, crown molding, casing, etc.

  • Siding Installation, replacement and repair

  • Egress openings 

  • Demolition

  • Painting 

  • Permit pulling as required in certain municipalities

Our Work




Quick Services

Virtual Estimate 

Please provide as much detail as possible i.e window or door, quantity, measurements, zip code, material desired, preferred brand, current photos, inspiration photos, links to inspiration photos, budget, etc. If the virtual estimate price is within your planned budget, lets schedule an on-site estimate. 


On-Site Estimate 

The $30.00 goes towards your invoice should you decide KGK Home Improvements, LLC is the right fit for your home improvement project. 


Handyman Services

Need a hand with a smaller project? Perhaps with drywall, trim, siding repair or something similar? Let's find out if it's within our scope of work and get you booked! The hourly rate reflects the cost for two helping hands, which is our minimum. The cost does not include materials. 



Although we're window and door replacement experts by chosen trade, philanthropy is our heart. It's our way of life—reflective of our personal values. We don't share this for recognition of any kind. Instead because—in today's society—you've likely seen firsthand how social media influences those around us. In this modern age, many of us are in a habit of sharing our daily lives on social media; sharing our personal experiences. This habit sways influence to our "audience".


We share our experiences in hope that it will influence—if even just one person—to get involved and make a difference in their community; on issues right here in Austin, Texas, throughout the great state, the country and all around the globe. Perhaps you're busy and haven't had the time to get involved in something you're passionate about. Take it easy on yourself: you're supporting amazing causes and organizations through us.


Owning a small home improvement business isn't exactly the way to gain monetary wealth. In fact, it was never the goal. Instead, we've gained wealth through our ability to serve and lift our brothers and sisters; to be part of recovery and hope for the human race, wildlife and our planet. 


One of our main goals was to create income and flexibility in what we love— in what we know; something that allows us to use our knowledge, skill and experience for a greater cause. Your support of our business not only provides (or offers) market-reflective wages, PTO, concierge medical care, cell phone reimbursement, breakfast and lunch, transportation and new opportunities to team members of our community, but helps our ongoing efforts to "be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandi. Exploiting labor is never an option.


Our proudest initiative is hiring non-violent felons to change the status quo of our criminal justice system. We hope to influence positive change and demonstrate the biases of our criminal justice system.


Organizations and causes we've worked with or support regularly through volunteered labor, monetary donation or donated items as requested include, but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer for local disaster relief

  • Local animal shelters

  • Local schools

  • Salvation Army 

  • Operation Blessing

  • Compassion International 

  • World Wildlife Fund

  • Teen Challenge, USA


Get involved today and lets make a difference together!

KGK Home Improvements, LLC, SASH + HINGE, Austin, Texas, Volunteer, Denham Springs, LA, Flood, Operation Blessing
Denham Springs, LA 2016

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Estimates reflect of our social responsibility to exercise ethical employment.

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