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Estimates are reflective of our social responsibility to exercise ethical employment.


The cost per window unit, depending on the factors noted below can start around $200.00. Standard size single hung vinyl replacement windows are at the least expensive side of the scale—with a double hung wood or composite window on the more expensive side. A 30 window replacement cost could range between $20,000 to $60,000* depending on specific choices; window brand, actual size, material, special features, permit requirements and more. We install Andersen® and Milgard® windows.

*Based on actual invoices of standard size windows without specialty glass (tempered, privacy, frosted, etc,)


Door pricing is a little more complicated. Doors have endless choices. Door material choices are steel, vinyl, wood and composite—just like windows. A steel door is the least expensive option, with some wood doors priced 10X more! Wood and composite door choices increase the cost, along custom styles and decorative choices. There are single entry doors, french doors. slider doors, 3-panel doors, 4-panel doors and more. Send us a photo of your current door and of your desired door for a virtual estimate! We install Andersen®, Milgard®, Masonite® and Therma-Tru® doors.

*Based in actual invoices of standard size, non-decorative doors without specialty glass   (privacy, frosted, etc.)

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