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—Why Do we Care?—

Simply put, co-workers are an essential part of a  businesses success. Having worked in the home remodeling industry as a window installer, door installer and carpenter for over a decade— from the position of a general laborer, a crew manager and now a small business owner, Kyle takes seriousness in the treatment and well-being of his co-workers. Given the many roles he's played in the industry, he's witnessed and experienced the effects of poor treatment to not only himself, but to his co-workers from various perspectives. His first-hand experience has influenced his business model, which includes a promise of fair and ethical treatment to his co-workers at the best of his ability. He acknowledges their rarity, value and the immense role they play in his continued growing success. 

—What do we do?—

—Did you know!?—

The state of Texas does not require businesses to obtain workers compensation insurance for their employees!? It's optional with the exception of government contracted construction companies! This is a costly expense many businesses pass in lieu of offering lower prices. We do not. 

—Future goals?—

  1. 99% are paid W-2 employees, not 1099

  2. Fair market-reflective starting wages

  3. Paid time-off for major holidays

  4. Two weeks of paid time-off per year

  5. Holiday + referral bonuses

  6. Goal achievement + thank you bonuses 

  7. Opportunities for raises and growth 

  8. Provide co-workers with daily lunch and water

  9. Provide co-workers with daily transportation to and from the job-site

  10. Workers compensation insurance

  11. Offer a monthly monetary credit towards cell phone bills 

  12. Welcome on-board kit with tool bag and basic tools. 

  1. Offer a form of health insurance

  2. Offer a form of life insurance

  3. Offer work vehicles 

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